The Rev. Robert Jemonde Taylor

The Rev. Robert Taylor
Letter to Diocese

Dear Beloved of God:

In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: One God. Amen.

It is with great enthusiasm, a listening heart, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance that I entered the discernment process to select the next bishop diocesan for the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Your profile clearly states where you are as a diocese, where you want to go, and the type of bishop you desire to journey with you. What you articulated in your profile resonates with me.

What drew me to ministry is the desire to walk with people in their journey with God. I see this as being a spiritual companion who can help read life’s events through the gospel lens. It is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ that sustains my ministry. I receive immense joy seeing that resurrection change people’s lives.

Your profile states your desire to call someone as bishop who will “bring the grace of God to bear upon our works of love.” I see myself as one who ministers from the abundance of God’s grace and love. It was as a priest missioner in Dallas, TX where I brought together Latinx, African American, and European American communities, bridging racial, ethnic, and economic divides with prayer and worship. In my current role as rector of Saint Ambrose, Raleigh, NC, I started a ministry that partnered church members with students and administrators at a local Title I elementary school. I helped found a new county wide organization of religious institutions and non-profits to advocate for change in housing, education, and employment.

I fondly remember my three years in New York while a student at the General Theological Seminary and my two year field education site at Grace/La Gracia in White Plains. The Diocese of New York helped shape and mold me to be the priest I am today. You seek someone anchored in faith and rooted in Jesus. Prayer is what sustains me. I look forward to the opportunity to explore this call with you as your discernment process continues with the Holy Spirit’s grace.






The Reverend Robert Jemonde Taylor

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