Members of the Committee to Elect a Bishop

Rev Trevor Babb

El Rdo. Trevor Babb

Iglesia de Cristo, Staten Island

Fr. Trevor R. Babb is currently the 11th rector of Historic Christ Church New Brighton, Staten Island, NY. and Canonically resident in the Diocese of New York. He is a graduate of Codrington Theological College with a B.A hons in theology, Diploma in Pastoral Studies, and a Masters in Systematic Theology (STM) from Yale University. He was ordained a Deacon in October 1989 and Priest in September 1990. He is married to Marcella Y. Babb and has two children, daughter, Treva and son, Trent. He is also the proud grandfather of two grand-daughters, Leilani and Gabrielle.

The Rev. Dr. Mary Barber

St. Paul's, Poughkeepsie & St. George's, Newburgh

Mary is a recently-ordained priest living and serving in the Hudson Valley. In addition to the Committee to Elect a Bishop, she is on the Diocesan Convention planning committee (2021, 2022) and the Commission on Ministry (starting fall 2022). She is a member of the Dutchess and Mid-Hudson deaneries.

Prior to her call to ordained ministry, Mary had a twenty year career as a public sector psychiatrist. She and her wife live in Newburgh, and have raised two daughters, now young adults.

"Serving on this Committee has allowed me to get to know some remarkably committed and faith-filled people -- fellow committee members, people from around the Diocese we heard in our listening sessions, and the candidates themselves. It has been a deep dive into the workings of the Diocese for a newbie like me, but even more, a moving demonstration of the immense gifts and resources the people of this Diocese bring to the day-to-day Gospel work. I am so grateful to be a part of this holy work."

Rev Mary Barber
Rev Teddi Brooks

La Rda. Theodora (Teddy) Brooks

St. Margaret's Church, Longwood, Bronx

My name is Theodora Brooks and I am the Priest in Charge of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in the Longwood Community of the South Bronx. I am deeply honored to serve as the Chair of the Committee to Elect a Bishop. In addition to parish ministry, I am the Chair of the Commission on Ministry and the South Bronx Inter Parish Council (IPC). I serve the wider Church as a Deputy to General Convention, and also on the boards of organizations within and outside of the community where I minister.

Serving on the Committee to Elect a Bishop is a source of deep joy but one that comes with great responsibility. It puts one in the front row where we are able to experience the incredible gifts of the Church, but this seat is also one of deep humility that requires us to prayerfully walk with God’s beloved children as they discern God’s call on their lives.

The Committee to Elect a Bishop is deeply grateful to YOU the people of the Diocese for sharing your joys and frustrations and adding your voice to what became the Profile of the Diocese. We heard you! We ask your prayers for us and for those whose names will be on the slate on 12/03/2022 and their loved ones!

De Young Chan

Iglesia Episcopal Nuestro Salvador, Manhattan

Diocesan involvement: I have served as Warden, Treasurer, and representative to Lower Manhattan IPC at Our Savior.

What serving on the Committee to Elect a Bishop means to me: Working with the members of the committee, and participating in the listening Lent sessions have been a source of joy to hear the history, breadth, and diversity of the ministries in the Diocese. It is a pleasure being part of a process, along with everyone in the Diocese, in guiding our future.

De Young Chan

Nick Gordon

St. John’s in the Village & Canterbury Downtown, Manhattan

Diocesan Involvement: Communications Assistant and Student Leader at Canterbury Downtown (Downtown Manhattan Campus Ministry), Member of AntiRacism Committee, Member of Convention Planning Committee, and Vestry Member at St. John’s in the Village.

What Serving on The CEB Means to Me: It has been a great honor to serve on the CEB especially as a young adult in our diocese. The opportunity to listen and learn from voices across the diocese in a variety of diverse contexts has been truly humbling and a real blessing. As someone who has done work in communications and technology, it has also been wonderful to implement things I have learned into the work of this committee. I have such gratitude for all of the faithful people of this diocese doing the work of ministry throughout our region. It has inspired my own ministry, discernment and helped me realize how blessed we are in this diocese.

The Rev. Michelle Meech

St. John's Church, Kingston

Diocesan Involvement: Alternate Deputy to General Convention (2018), Mid-Hudson Board of Managers (2018-present), Dean of Ulster Clericus (2019-present), Facilitator for Office of Transition Ministry.

What Serving on the Committee Means to Me: I am honored and excited to serve on the Committee to Elect a Bishop for the Diocese of New York, especially now, because I see this moment as a real inflection point in the life of the church and of this diocese. I have been blessed to work with a talented, faithful, and delightful team of people who have made this ministry a true joy. This process has nourished my own ministry and, in many ways, re-ignited my passion and my love for the Episcopal Church.

Rev Michelle Meech
Yvonne O'Neal

Yvonne O'Neal

Church of the Holy Trinity, Manhattan

Diocesan involvement: I serve on the Standing Committee, the Task Force Against Human Trafficking, and the Task Force on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. I chaired the Deputation to the 79th and 80th General Convention and was secretary of the Legislative Committee on Commissions and Committees at GC80. Among other positions, I spent nine years chairing the Companion Diocese Committee and six years chairing the Congregational Life for Mission Commission. Beyond the Diocese, I am a Trustee of Church Pension Group and was a volunteer staff at the recent Lambeth Conference.

What serving on the Committee to Elect a Bishop means to me:  It has been a joy and a blessing to be on this sacred journey with the committee members and the candidates; it is exhilarating to see and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst. I have high hopes for the vitality and spiritual growth of all in the Diocese as we choose the Seventeenth Bishop of New York to lead us onward and upward.

Alice F. Yurke

San Bartolomeo, Manhattan

Diocesan Involvement: Diocesan Chancellor, 2020-present; Diocesan Vice-Chancellor, 2005-2020; Vestry, St. Bartholomew’s, Manhattan, 2004-2007. Member: Diocesan Trustees and Trustee committees (ex officio), 2020-present; Member: Convention Planning Committee and related committees and task forces, 2005-present.

What serving on the Committee to Elect a Bishop means to me:  It’s been an honor and a privilege to work with such a talented, diverse and engaged group of people who are so fully invested in the future of our Diocese. Plus, it brings me joy to be able to contribute to this important process.

Alice Yurke
The Rev John Zahl

El Rdo. John Zahl

San Mateo, Bedford

Baptized in the Diocese of New York in 1977, John returned to serve as the Rector of St. Matthew’s, Bedford 4 years ago, having previously served two parishes in Charleston, SC since his ordination to the priesthood in 2007. While in South Carolina, he played an integral roll in helping that Diocese to restabilize in wake of the split that occurred in 2012 (Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, Transition Officer, Clericus Convener, & advisor in Bishop Adams’ election).  He is also a member of the DioNY Standing Committee.

Working alongside the other members of the CEB (Committee to Elect a Bishop) has been a great joy.  Each of us bring unique experience and gifts to the discernment process, and we have very much functioned a body made up of many members.  “God has blessed us with excellent candidates, and I can’t wait to see where the Spirit will lead us in choosing our next Bishop.”