The Rev. Matthew Hoxsie Mead

The Rev. Matthew Mead
Letter to Diocese

Dear Friends in Christ,

I have lived in the Diocese of New York for most of my life. My wife Nicole who grew up on Long Island and I were married in New York, and our teenage sons Liam and Nicholas were both born, baptized, and grew up in this diocese. Like my children, I grew up in rectories where my father served in Boston, suburban Philadelphia, and New York City. My first memories are of my mother holding me in a rocking chair singing Away in a Manger. I am a life-long Episcopalian who loves, trusts, and believes in Jesus Christ. Jesus is my rock and the foundation upon which my life, my family, and my calling to ordained ministry are built.

I was ordained in New York in 2004 and have served as priest and pastor in three very different congregations of the diocese in Times Square, Granite Springs, and Pelham. I also serve our diocese and the wider Church in a variety of roles. My work overseeing our diocesan budget and finances and leading part of our strategic plan has provided me with substantial understanding of our systems and resources and the many diverse congregations, campuses, ministries, and communities across New York.

My experience as a rector and a leader in our diocese over the past eighteen years, particularly through the pandemic, has prepared me for this discernment. The Diocese of New York needs and seeks a Bishop and Chief Pastor who thirsts for justice and has the courage to speak with a prophetic voice; who appreciates our diversity, resources, and challenges; who trusts, listens to, and collaborates with laypersons, deacons, and priests; who has a deep faith in Jesus Christ and a love of all God’s children; and who can adapt and lead our diocese through the uncharted territory ahead of us. I believe I am so called.

I am excited about our future, and I believe God has given me the experience, wisdom, and gifts to be the next Bishop of New York. Saying “Yes” to a new call, especially Bishop Diocesan, will change my life and the ministries that I love and do in service of the Diocese of New York. Thomas Merton’s prayer rings true: “I cannot know for certain where it will end…” but “I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road.”

I look forward to discerning with you, hearing your stories, and seeking God’s will together. You are in my prayers, and I ask that you keep me and my family in yours.  May Jesus Christ bless and inspire us all. Amen.

In Christ,

The Rev. Matthew Hoxsie Mead,
Rector, Christ Church Pelham

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