Le Révérend Steven D. Paulikas

Rev Steven Paulikas
Letter to Diocese

Dear Members of Diocese of New York:

Greetings from Brooklyn. I write with humility to offer myself for your discernment of whom God is calling to be your next bishop. It is my prayer that my participation in this process would be a blessing to us both and may in some measure help you clarify the character, temperament, experience, and spirit of the person best suited to this ministry.

I am surprised to be here. It had not occurred to me to participate in this discernment process until a few trusted friends urged me to look at your diocesan profile. As I studied it and prayed with it, I also began having conversations about the future of your diocese that simultaneously excited and humbled me. As a New Yorker, I know the daunting challenges faced by our historic churches, from fighting declining attendance to finding unity in the gift of diversity to sharing vision and hope with the faithful. I also know from my experience leading a parish from near-closure to joyful abundance that God can provide the will, resources, and faith to meet these obstacles. I have discovered that I feel called to share this perspective with you in the hope that my own optimism about the future of our Church can help the diocese feel a sense of holy renewal as it heads into the next chapter of its ministry.

The Diocese of New York can and should be one of the most prominent spiritual and moral leaders in our great city and state. The bishop must be aware that their flock includes those in pre-trial incarceration at Rikers Island, refugees making a new life in Westchester, and upstate residents who find themselves priced out of their own communities. The Bishop of New York stewards a powerful platform that can give voice to these and so many other New Yorkers who deserve justice and ultimately shape changes in policy. As a former journalist, I have sought to use media to apply the values of the Gospel to our society and has, I hope, projected our Christian values to a national and global audience and empowered leaders across the Church to use their own voices.

My intention in participating in this process is to offer myself for service to God and our neighbor. I will continue to pray for the diocese and my fellow nominees. I am as humbled as I am grateful for this opportunity. May Christ bless us in this sacred work.




Le Révérend Steven D. Paulikas

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