Update from the Committee

Greetings, beloved siblings in Christ of the Diocese of New York!

The diocesan profile you helped us to write inspired a wonderfully gifted group of candidates to come forward to be a part of the search process for our next diocesan bishop. Since our last update, we have been hard at work discerning and praying with those candidates.

Our first step, following the submission of names, was to gather as a committee for two all-day in-person meetings, centered in deep prayer, to discern which of the initial candidates would move forward to the next stage of Zoom interviews. These in-person meetings were held at the parishes of two of our members: St. Matthew’s in Bedford, where the Rev. John Zahl is the rector; and St. John’s in Kingston, where the Rev. Michelle Meech is the rector. Traveling to these locations reminded us that we are seeking candidates for the entire diocese. As we met, we had the words and wishes that you shared during our Listening Lent sessions always in our minds and in our hearts.

We cannot publish any names yet, but we do want to share what comes next in the search process as we journey together towards the electing convention on December 3.

  1. In the latter part of August, having completed the stage of Zoom interviews mentioned above, the committee will meet in person with a group of selected candidates for a retreat. This retreat will give the committee and candidates an opportunity to take a deep breath, discern the will of the Holy Spirit, and prepare for the announcement of the slate. We ask for your prayers, especially towards the end of August, as we enter this important phase of the process.

  2. Soon after that retreat, in September, the committee will announce a slate of up to five nominees. After a lot of discernment and work with the candidates, this will be an exciting time for the committee, as we finally are able to invite the entire diocese into our journey of discernment and prayer!

  3. After the announcement of the slate, a petition period will open during which additional candidates may come forward through a prescribed process.
  4. November will bring visits to the diocese from the nominees. The details of these visits are still being worked out, but we can say now that to ensure that everyone in our diocese has the opportunity to take part in this important process, all sessions will be offered in a hybrid in-person/online format and also recorded for later online viewing.

  5. The process of electing our next bishop will culminate at the electing convention at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Saturday, December 3.

December is going to be here before we know it, so please keep your eyes out for more information and announcements from the Committee to Elect a Bishop!

To keep this important process in the hearts and minds of everyone in the Diocese of New York, we ask that you kindly include the Committee to Elect a Bishop in your Prayers of the People every Sunday and in your personal prayers. Please know that we carry you all in our prayers, hearts, and minds as we listen to where the Spirit is leading us.

God bless you and we send every great wish for the rest of the summer ahead,

The Committee to Elect a Bishop