Nomination by Petition

On the same day the slate is announced — September 26, 2022 — a 25-day petition process will open, during which additional candidates may come forward (see Canon 13).

Petitioners must submit a petition signed  by no fewer than 20 members of the Diocese, either lay or clergy (see Canon 13).



  • There should be one lead nominator who completes and signs the nomination petition cover page, and who is responsible for gathering signatures from others throughout the diocese.
  • All petition signers must fill out a petition signatory page. These may be individual pages. These must be collected by the lead nominator and submitted electronically as one complete packet.
  • It is the responsibility of the lead nominator to verify that all signature requirements are met and all pieces of the nomination petition are complete and accurate prior to submission. Once the petition has been submitted, no more signatures will be accepted.
  • No person may sign more than one petition.
  • No member of the Standing Committee or the Committee for the Election of a Bishop may sign a petition.
  • The complete nomination petition must be scanned and submitted electronically to by midnight on October 21, 2022.
  • Separately and also by the deadline, the Petition Candidate must complete the application found here and also using the download links on this page.
  • Anyone who intends to be a petition candidate is asked to notify the Rev. Theodora Brooks, the CEB chair, as soon as possible, even before the petition has been submitted, so that background and other checks may be initiated. Her e-mail is

Individual Files